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Penn Life - A KiDz HuB Media and Eviziv Media Production LIVE from the Team Jamaica Bickle Village - University of Pennsylvania at the Franklin Field.

Penn Life is our lifestyle coverage of the Penn Relays  at Franklin Field at the University of Pennsylvania- It includes the heartbeat and the pulse of what makes the Penn Relays - the longest running track meet in the United States - the place to be on the third weekend in April each year.

The KiDz HuB  Media / Team Jamaica Bickle Penn Relays Project - Background

In The Summer of 2011 Founders of Team Jamaica Bickle and KiDz HuB, Mr. Irwine G. Clare Sr. and Orlando Dillon, both Jamaican nationals living in the USA, in an effort to continue to provide opportunities for youngsters in the Caribbean, decided to partner. The collaboration was in an effort to provide students from Jamaica and the Caribbean with an opportunity  travel to the USA for the Penn Relays, not as athletes, but as broadcasters.

Since the Junior Broadcasters’ first coverage in April 2012 The KiDz HuB Media Network  and Team Jamaica Bickle has built out an amazing platform that accomplishes two goals;
1. LIVE and Post-Produced coverage of the annual Penn Relays Carnival
2. Media and Media Literacy Training for the up-an-coming athletes who visit the Penn Relays

This continues help our Junior Broadcaster (“Hubbers”) around the world broaden their video and radio programming skills. 

Over 15,000 students from across the globe, have been trained by KiDz HuB Media, which includes 5,000-plus Jamaican and Caribbean students.

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